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a 2 year research into the contemporary status of Speculative Design

8 Spectacular Speculative Designs
examples of speculative design in practice

Post Social Media
a report on the Future of Communities online by co-matter masterclass leader Severin Matusek

Crap Futures is a blog about futures, innovation, politics, technology co-authored by Masterclass leader James Auger

Charles Broskoski
Website of Masterclass leader Charles Broskoski

Instagram is Dead, it just doesn’t know it yet

Low-tech Magazine: solar-powered website, sometimes goes offline

A collection of crowdsourced Inspirations from the Post Social Media Club



Beyond Speculative Design 

Black Mirror and the Power of Speculative Design | SXSW 2019

Design Is [Speculative] Futures Design Thinking - a new toolkit for preemptive design

Azalea: Co-experience in Remote Dialog through Diminished Reality and Somaesthetic Interaction

The Corona Monument: Interactive Digital Monument

DUST.TV: Like Netflix for


co—matter Podcast
A series of conversations about the future of community by co-matter

YELLO Podcast
Ep 04: The not-so-simple act of future prediction

Future Nostalgia: experimental, imaginary radio, combining speculative storytelling, poems, sounds, and audios that overlap eras - from the distant past to the possible future.