The project is run by five members of the European Creative Hubs Network : a peer-led network with a mission to enhance the creative, economic and social impact of hubs around Europe and neighboring countries.


(Malmö, Sweden)

STPLN is a production house open to creative projects in the social, cultural and creative sector. The house contains workshops, studios, event facilities and shared offices where individuals, groups and organisations can realise their ideas. In addition to the facilities STPLN offers structure-, planning-, marketing-, and administration help. The projects vary from short temporary workshops, seminars or exhibitions to long residence projects developed in the house for several years. What is common for the projects is that they appear in the genres of art and culture, technology and design, crafts and education.


(Paris, France)

VOLUMES is coworking and makerspace based in Paris run by a community of transdisciplinary designers and innovators. Launched in 2015, VOLUMES hosts events, companies and projects investigating the fields of collaborative economy, smart cities, computational design, digital manufacturing and food design.

Nova Iskra

(Belgrade, Serbia)

Nova Iskra is a pioneering creative hub in the Balkans, created with the idea to incite tangible connections between creative industries, technology and the people, with the goal to support critical thinking, nurture ideas, design organisations and develop businesses that are future-proof, while remaining sensible to the ever- changing present.


(Istanbul, Turkey)

ATÖLYE exists to cultivate a fertile environment that catalyzes individuals and organizations to thrive together for the better. The purpose of the Creative Hub is to engage, nurture and mobilize creative individuals and communities so that they can purposefully contribute to the world as their best selves. As part of the purpose of the Creative Hub, we refine talent curation and programming efforts to truly become a talent magnet across locations; we foster the individuals, communities and the ecosystem as a whole through launching new initiatives, programs, and projects and we rewire the processes and tools to become the connecting tissue of our network across locations and generating new opportunities.


(Athens, Greece)

Bios Exploring Urban Culture is a Not for Profit Company, founded in 2001 in Athens and has since been active in the contemporary cultural production sector, focusing on supporting youth expression, developments in art and technology today as well as the shaping of the urban environment.